Monday, October 01, 2018

The Engine of the World

I remember when tenor Andrea Bocelli sprang out of nowhere as the heir apparent to the great Luciano Pavarotti.

For audiences, it always seems like that; suddenly this great supernova explodes into view, changing the sky forever. But of course it's not like that at all.

Fame may happen overnight, but the artistic growth and development of a phenomenon like Bocelli is often excruciating slow and painful. The degree of hyper-focus and self-centeredness required of great artists makes intimate relationships all the harder to create and maintain. No wonder addiction and madness are familiar attendants to those having regular intercourse with the Muses.

Yet somehow the fuse finally gets lit, the coming eruption only a matter counting down. Those that survive ignition share us with glimpses of other worlds, uncommon truths and ephemeral realities, souveniers of Heaven.

Dear Veronica, my dear children, 
Every life is a wonderful story worthy of being told. Every life is a work of art, and if it does not seem so, perhaps it is only necessary to illuminate the room that contains it.
The secret is never to lose faith, to have confidence in God's plan for us, revealed in the signs with which He shows us the way.
If you learn to listen, you will find that each life speaks to us of love. Because love is the key to everything, the engine of the world. Love is the secret energy behind every note I sing.
And never forget that there's no such thing as happenstance. That's an illusion lawless and arrogant men invented so that they could sacrifice the truth of our world to the laws of reason
Andrea Bocelli (2017 biopic: The Music of Silence) 

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