Monday, December 01, 2014

The Rite of College Visitation

Given the tremendous importance of the decision involved, it's crucial to conduct purposeful college visits prior to acceptance of any offer of admission.

Students and parents should be convinced that the choice of institution is the best available for the particular student and family involved, and no amount of online data or guidebook information can take the place of personally setting foot on campus, examining facilities, talking with students and professors, taking the tour, checking out the dorms, sitting in on classes, and tasting the food.

The Princeton Review has published an excellent short article covering the basics of the rite of college visitation. Brennan Barnard, Deerfield's Director of College Counseling, offers his two cents on the subject in a NYT article, here.

As if higher education weren't already expensive enough, now you've got to fly out to trod the quad in person? Yes, indeed, you do.

College trips before matriculation are an essential part of the cost of college nowadays, helping to ensure that the major investment of time, money, and energy required will be most productively spent.


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