Saturday, October 01, 2016

Daily Reading Time

Reading is the foremost, fundamental academic skill, and the importance of parents taking the time each day to read books with each of their children is well known.

Daily Reading Time is an opportunity for parents to connect individually with each child, and share with them a love of books and imagination. Reading periods needn't be overly long, but should be a regular, daily activity from the earliest possible age, conducted at the same time each day, if at all possible.

Mom and Dad can read to their children the books they most loved when they, themselves, were so young and impressionable. This is one of the thrills and joys of parenthood not to be lost among the rush of personal and family busyness that can easily overtake life with young kids.

Multitudes of fantastic story books are available to grace your children's early lives, but don't forget great kid-oriented nonfiction titles, too. Reading carefully selected early nonfiction nurtures a child's innate curiosity about the world and fosters a questioning mind that will be a valuable asset in later years.

Aside from the obvious benefits of making learning fun and developing critical academic skills at an early age, Daily Reading Time often remains a cherished, life-long memory of childhood, of loving time each day with Mom and Dad, of scintilating exploration of worlds both imagined and real.


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