Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Math Exploration Station

Playing with particular objects in particular ways is the best way to learn early math concepts and develop instinctive number sense crucial to success in the study of mathematics.

Establishing a “Math Exploration Station” at home is a great way to provide young children opportunities to hone critical math skills while playing!

All you need is a small table, chairs, and bookcase in which to store manipulatives and other math-centric toys like Tinker Toys, blocks, Legos, etc.

Don’t forget good ol’ paper, pencils, felt pens, and crayons for drawing and designing. We had a family friend who was an early computer scientist, and I remember going through reams of surplus wide-format dot-matrix printer paper as a young child in the early 1960’s on which I happily drew everything from complex forts to rockets to abstract free-form doodles.

The best place for early learning is in the home, and the best way is when the mind is opened through play.


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