Sunday, November 01, 2015

Alphabet Toys, Aids, Activities

From a very early age, parents can make a game of learning the ABC's.

There's the song, of course, which is a great way to start. Even better if sung slowly while reading a favorite alphabet book and touching your child's index finger on each letter, in order, as sung. Refrigerator magnets can be ID'd and traced using your child's index finger, to help with recognition, memory, and (later) proper letter formation when writing. Once the alphabet is mastered, young children can learn sounds typically associated with letters along with a few words beginning with each letter and sound.

Immersion is a great way to learn anything, and so it goes with reading, writing, math, or anything else. Having your home filled with fun and interesting learning activities is one good way to make learning a basic family value.

Learning the alphabet is game number one! Below are some ideas to help get things going:

Alphabet Bulletin Board Cards

Self-Correcting Alphabet Wooden Puzzles

Alphabet Puzzle

Alphabet Jumbo Floor Puzzle

Spot it Alphabet

Alphabet Slap Jack


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