Thursday, December 01, 2005

Regarding Artificial Posting Dates And Times

In the spirit of full disclosure:

Posts on this blog showing a posting time of exactly 12:00 PM were originally published on a different date and/or at a different time.

In order to place the various posts I've composed into the optimal sequence, I've found it necessary to change the actual dates and times on which they were first uploaded (this post, for example, was originally submitted approximately 7:31 PM on 9/11/2006). There's simply no other way to order posts in Blogger.

To make clear the fact that the posting date and time shown for a particular post is artificial and not the post's original date and time of publication, I have deliberately set the time of each such post to 12:00 PM. I'll be careful not to spontaneously publish any other posts at that particular time of day, to avoid confusion.

I may decide to discontinue this practice at some point, at which you'll once again start to see varied posting dates/times. In that case, any posting dates/times not equal to 12:00 PM will be actual and accurate.


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