Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Study Buddies!

One of the best things you can do to improve your chances of success in a given class is also one of the most fun.

"Study Buddies" are people you meet and with whom you agree to form informal academic partnerships in each course you're currently taking. Not only will these relationships help you in making sure you make it through the course successfully, they can also add spice to your social life!

As a new semester begins, find two people in each class, fellow students you like who seem to share your particular standards and interests, and exchange contact info (phone, email, etc.) with them. Now, if you miss class and need information about homework, an upcoming test, lecture notes, etc., you have two people you can call (if one isn't available, the other probably will be).

Study Buddies may even choose to go beyond occasional contact to form more formal study groups that meet before important tests to go over course material and help answer each others' questions, work together on group projects, etc.

Forging and utilizing these alliances can result in better grades, reduced stress, and enhanced involvement and participation in class, while providing a safe and productive way to make contact with other students you'd like to meet and get to know better.


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