Saturday, June 01, 2013

Best Source Of SAT Essay Prompts

When it comes to the SAT, nothing is more important than practice in achieving an outstanding essay score. And nothing is more important in maximizing the effect of SAT practice essays than the quality of the essay prompts utilized in their creation.

Although a google search for "sat essay prompts" will return nearly 100,000 hits, most of these will not yield a large number of SAT-like essay prompts useful to average students preparing to take the SAT.

By far the best online source of SAT essay prompts I've seen is found here. (Look near the top of the page, under the heading "SAT Essay Prompts.")

This assemblage contains essay prompts taken from actual SAT tests given since March, 2005, and is large enough to give even the most ardent SAT student more than enough essay outlining and writing practice.

As such, this collection is perfectly suited to the needs of those getting ready to take the SAT!


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