Saturday, July 01, 2006

So Much For The “Honor System”

The following is excerpted from an April 17, 2006 Associated Press article:

"States are helping public schools escape potential penalties by skirting the No Child Left Behind law's requirement that students of all races must show annual academic progress.

With the federal government's permission, schools aren't counting the test scores of nearly 2 million students when they report progress by racial groups, an Associated Press computer analysis found.

Minorities — who historically haven't fared as well as whites in testing — make up the vast majority of students whose scores are being excluded, AP found. And the numbers have been rising."

It seems that, in the realm of modern-day American education, cheating isn't confined only to the classroom.

In their zeal to meet federal targets, state governments in collusion with the feds are apparently trashing the honor code in the way scorekeeping is being conducted with regard to the requirements of the national "No Child Left Behind" law.

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