Friday, February 01, 2019

Until you declare a major, take highly-rated professors, not classes!

Think of as Yelp for college professors. Search for your school (or prospective schools), and get reviews and ratings by real students of instructors in all departments. Use the site to find life-changing teachers and avoid duds.

As with Yelp, some reviews are more helpful than others, and doesn’t tell the whole story. But with quantified measures like "Overall Quality" and "Level of Difficulty" (among other indicators) it’s a whole lot better than having no idea at all as to which teachers are likely to be golden and which should probably be avoided like the plague.

Most/all established professors at are listed at each institution, and university-wide averages give you some idea as to the quality and collective personality of various faculties.

Schools are rated by students according to other important factors, as well (e.g. reputation, happiness, food, facilities, location, social life, etc.), providing useful comparative data.

As an example, click here to see data for Wesleyan University.


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