Sunday, February 01, 2015

Hire a Good College Admissions Consultant

Test prep, course tutoring, college visits ... now college consulting?

Where does the list of miscellaneous higher ed costs end??

Long gone are the days when motivated high school grads could easily apply, matriculate, and work their way through college without outside assistance.

No pre-college expense is more worthwhile than that involved in hiring a good college admissions consultant. Applying for a seat in an institute of higher learning these days is practically a Herculean effort, fraught with costly mistakes to make if one is unfamiliar with the territory, inexpert in assessing various pros and cons, or even slightly disposed toward disorganization, procrastination, anxiety, or forgetfulness.

As is generally the case in hiring professionals, a trusted personal recommendation is worth gold. In the "College Admission" section of the Professional Referrals page in the Resources section of my business site are listed several excellent college counselors whom I endorse. One can also find a college consultant though HECA and NACAC, two reputable national professional groups.

It's best to begin work with a college admissions counselor during a student's sophomore year in high school (or earlier); if possible, parents should research various options and have a consultant lined by the end of freshman year.


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